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May 20 2015



i swear i’d dress better but i’m poor and fat

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7 years later and i’m still not over chris’ death in skins

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i wish

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May 18 2015

"Vincent Van Gogh used to eat yellow paint because he thought it would get the happiness inside him. Many people thought he was mad and stupid for doing so because the paint was toxic, never mind that it was obvious that eating paint couldn’t possible have any direct correlation to one’s happiness, but I never saw that. If you were so unhappy that even the maddest ideas could possible work, like painting the walls of your internal organs yellow, than you are going to do it. It’s really no different than falling in love or taking drugs. There is a greater risk of getting your heart broken or overdosing, but people still do it everyday because there was always that chance it could make things better. Everyone has their yellow paint."
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May 17 2015

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May 12 2015

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You fell in love with my flowers but not with my roots, so when Autumn arrived you didn’t know what to do.
— (via itsthelesbiana)
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